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Monday, May 01, 2006

When does the learning stop?

In a little less than two weeks from now our university will be turning the class of 2006 loose on the world. Many students will rejoice the end of their studies, celebrating freedom from textbooks, classes and exercises (echoing the anthem-like refrain from Alice Cooper's School's Out - “Schools out for summer, schools out forever”).

But it won't be long after the confetti settles that these graduates will learn another great truth, that the learning never really stops. There's just a change of venue. For example, there are many lessons to be learned during the process of finding and starting a new job. Observation and study will help new hires learn how to fit in with the company culture and practices. As years unfold, the employee's continued advancement will parallel their acquiring of an unfolding curriculum of job skills.

In my area, web design and interactive media, we must constantly read, research and study to keep up with the latest software and hardware. Before we master most programs new ones replace them. Licensed professionals like doctors, lawyers, and CPA's, must, (with the regularity of migrating geese, of fish swimming upstream) go to classes & seminars to keep their credentials up-to-date. Learning continues the earning. One IT professional I know will, at any given moment, be studying for his next in an unending succession of technical certifications. Even our spiritual life requires study. As a Christian disciple (which means student) I'm called upon to learn about Jesus, adopt his teachings, and imitate him.

Learning is linked to life itself. We could, like some try to resist and run away from all this study and learning. But I think the key is recognizing that learning is a part of our experience as humans. Rather than hide from it we should harness the opportunity to better our lives. That's why I recommend people seek out jobs doing what they love. Become committed to causes they feel deeply about. Acknowledge areas of our life where improvement can take place. The result is that when these endeavors require study we will tackle the task with passion and excitement like we pursue a hobby or favorite pastime.

My hope for the upcoming graduates is that they are blessed with a career and life that provides lifelong learning about subjects that excite them. And when will learning end? Not in this life!


Blogger Shieldmaiden said...

I was let out into the "Real world".
Think I'll do okay, Big Bro? ;)

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